The best Bitcoin-Wallets reviewed

We reviewed and compared the best Bitcoin Wallets

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A Bitcoin Wallet is required to send, receive and secure Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Wallet is used to back up the private key, which can be used to access your own Bitcoins. The range of Bitcoin Wallets and the advanced features of the wallets are huge. We reviewed and compared the best Bitcoin-Wallets.

The best Bitcoin Wallets reviewed

Bitcoin Wallet Ledger Nano S Trezor Coinbase Blockchain.info Exodus
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The best Bitcoin Wallet: our recommendation is the Bitcoin hardware wallet Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet © "hulacoins.com"

The Ledger Wallet (read review of the Ledger Wallet)  is a hardware-based Bitcoin-Wallet. Hardware wallets are generally one of the safest ways to protect your Bitcoins from hacker attacks or other unwanted intrusions. The Wallet is a so-called cold wallet, only when the Ledger Nano S is connected to the computer via a USB port, access via the Internet is possible.

The Ledger Wallet is a hardware wallet, not only for Bitcoin but also for other Altcoins like Ethereum, Dash, Ripple or Litecoin. The Ledger Wallet is currently offered in two different versions: the Ledger Blue for currently about 280 Euros and the Ledger Nano S for currently about 70 Euros.



Advantages of Ledger Wallet

A cryptographically secured key
 Confirm the transaction on a LED display
 Support of Bitcoin, Ethereum and many Altcoins
 Easy use with the Ledger app or the Ledger Chrome extension
 Easy connection via USB port
 Compatible with other wallets like MyEtherWallet


Disadvantages of Ledger Wallet

 The custom interfaces for accessing the wallets are only compatible with the Google Chrome browser
 The expansion to other Altcoin-Wallets is strongly limited due to the available memory space
 For the purchase, one-time costs of about 70 Euros for the Leger Nano S and 280 Euros for the Ledger Blue.
 Currently Ledger has a delivery time of several months due to the extremely high demand


Our recommendation as a price-performance winner: Coinbase Wallet

coinbase review © "coinbase.com Screenshot"

The Bitcoin web wallet Coinbase (Coinbase review ) provides an extremely simple and secure wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Intuitive design, high security standards and some useful features make Coinbase one of the most popular online wallets in the world.

Coinbase was founded in San Francisco in 2012 and is used by 6 million users with over 12 million exchanges. Coinbase also pays much attention to safety. In addition to SMS verification, Coinbase also offers 2-factor authentication. Thus the account is protected against unwanted access. However, you have to be aware that Coinbase wallet is a hot-wallet and it's security is therefore not comparable to that of a hardware-based cold wallet.

Coinbase also offers the possibility to purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum via credit/debit card, PayPal or bank transfer. When purchasing by credit card, Bitcoins, Litecoins or Ethereum will be credited immediately, but higher limits occasion additional fees of 3.99%. In our tests by credit card everything worked smoothly and the Bitcoins, Litecoins or the Ethereum were immediately credited to our account.



Advantages of the Coinbase Wallet

 Beginner-friendly: particularly appropriate for Bitcoin starters
 Integrated purchase of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin via debit / credit card or PayPal
 Established and trustworthy company from San Francisco (USA)
 High security standards with, for example, 2-factor authentication or the Bitcoin vault 
 Extremely fast transfer at reasonable transaction fees


Disadvantages of the Coinbase Wallet

The control of your own Bitcoins is handed over to a foreign company
 The Wallet is a hot-wallet and therefore security standards are lower than a hardware-based wallet


How does a Bitcoin Wallet work?

The Bitcoin wallet can be compared to a normal wallet in which your own coins, the Bitcoins, are kept. To send Bitcoins, the wallet has its own string, the "public key". This means that those Bitcoins sent to the public key are transferred to the owner of the private key belonging to the public key.


"Public key = wallet address to which other Bitcoins can be sent."

And now we come to the second key of the wallet, the "private key". This key is required to access the Bitcoins sent to the public key. Thus, whoever knows the private key is the owner of the Bitcoins and can spend the Bitcoins.


"When sending Bitcoins to a public key, I pass the virtual money to the person who owns the private key and thus he becomes the new owner of the Bitcoins."

And exactly this function is taken over by the Bitcoin Wallet. The Wallet contains the keys, which make it possible to send, receive and secure Bitcoins with a wallet. Basically, access to a Bitcoin wallet can only be granted via the private key. As soon as this access key is lost, the Bitcoins stored therein are also gone. This can be compared to the loss of a wallet, which includes Fiat money (e.g. Euros or US-Dollars).


Are Bitcoin Wallets anonymous?

Basically, Bitcoin Wallets are anonymous, which means Bitcoin Wallets do not store personalized information such as the owner's name or address. However, they are assigned to a person, namely the person who owns the private key of the wallet, and thus has control over the Bitcoins. This means that Bitcoins are often viewed as a pseudo-anonymous payment method. The true identity of the person is not visible, however, each transaction of the person can be tracked through the blockchain. The Bitcoin address is thus directly linked to a person and is used as a pseudonym for the person.


"Each wallet is anonymous - no personal data such as name or address is stored."

In the blockchain each transaction of the Bitcoin wallet is held and is also visible to everyone. Thus, everything in the blockchain, from the first transfer to the last transaction, can be traced .


When does the Bitcoin Wallet lose its anonymity? There are different reasons why the anonymity of Bitcoin Wallet is no longer active. Some might be:

  • A Bitcoin Wallet address is published by name: "Please donate to my address: 123"
  • Bitcoins are purchased and the recipient's address is given
  • FIAT money ("Euro", "US Dollar") are exchanged for Bitcoins. In this case identity must usually be made public due to different Money Laundering Acts

"If someone knows your wallet public key, he can also see how much credit you have."

Frequently, a new address is used for each incoming transaction so that the credit of your own wallet cannot be checked. Although the credit of each wallet can be checked with the public key, the private key is needed to access the wallet.


How do I create a Bitcoin Wallet?

Creating a Bitcoin Wallet is very easy and there is also a vast amount of providers for Bitcoin Wallets. The most difficult thing is to choose the purpose of the wallet and the appropriate provider.



Bitcoin wallet

In just a few steps, we show you how a Bitcoin web wallet can be set up and first Bitcoins can also be exchanged for Euro:

Step-by-Step: Bitcoin Web Wallet Coinbase and purchase Bitcoins.



Currently there are five different Wallet categories:

  • Desktop Wallet
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Online or Web Wallet
  • Paper Wallet
  • Hardware Wallet


Each types offers certain advantages and disadvantages. Let's take the paper wallet as an example. You can create your own Bitcoin Paper Wallet in a minute (eg https://www.bitaddress.org/).

This has the major advantage that the private key can be printed on a piece of paper and access by hackers is almost impossible. However, the Paper Wallet also has disadvantages. In order to access your own wallet, for example to transfer Bitcoins, you must enter the public and private key every time. This means that the Bitcoin Paper Wallet is not adeguate for a daily account, for example, to make several transfers per day. For saving your Bitcoins in the long term, the Paper Wallet will be a more appropriate application.

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