Buying Verge: where and how can you safely buy Verge (XVG)?

Our purchaisng experiences with verge: comparison and review of the best Verge brokers and trading places.

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Buying Verge: where and how can you safely buy Verge (XVG)? (c):


Verge is a secure and anonymous crypto-currency, developed focusing on privacy. How and where you can buy Verge (XVG) is shown in our review: we compared and reviewed several Verge exchanges and trading platforms.


Buying Verge (XVG): comparing and reviewing the best Verge providers

Verge Broker / Exchange Bittrex Binance
Verge © ""
Verge © ""
Verge © ""
Type broker exchange exchange
Reputation & security
Headquarters Netherlands USA China
Exchange rate
Time until the first Verge (XVG)
Method of pament
depending on country

GiroPay, SEPA, immediate transfer (SOFORT Überweisung), MyBank, iDEAL

Bitcoin, Ethereum

Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, BNB
  Litebit* Bittrex Binance*

Buying Verge (XVG)

So far Verge can only be directly exchanged for euros with few providers. Most exchanges only offer Verge trading for other crypto-currencies. Often it is also cheaper to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin and then exchange them for Verge on an exchange.
Buying Ethereum: where and how can you safely buy Ethereum (ETH)?

Buying Bitcoin: where and how can you safely buy Bitcoin (BTC?
To buy Verge quickly, we recommend the provider (to the review). They offer many payment options, such as SEPA transfer, immediate transfer (SOFORT) and Giropay (Germany, Austria). However, had the worst exchange rate during our review period. However, other providers offer less payment options or only trading for other crypto-currencies.

Buying Verge via bank transfer (SEPA)

Buying Verge via bank transfer (SEPA transfer) is the best option in most cases. However, you have to keep in mind, that, before you can buy Verge, money must be transferred to the respective provider. It does not only take a few days until the money is made available by the provider for the purchase of Verge, but in advance you should make sure, that the provider is definitely trustworthy. The reputable Verge exchange offer verification processes before you can buy Verge for Euro, CHF, USD or GBP. After the account has been successfully verified, money can be transferred from your bank account to the Verge exchange, in order to be able to buy Verge at a lower rates compared to other payment methods.

advantages   disadvantage

low fees (compared to other payment methods)

usually no or high limits apply,       so that a larger amount can be purchased

the verification process and the transfer of money (euros) takes several days

you should definitely find a reputable provider, since the money is transferred before the purchase

Verge © "" is a European crypto-currency exchange with more than 40 different crypto- currencies on offer. The advantage of is that it is not a trading center, but it keeps the crypto-currencies for the user in stock, i.e. up to a certain amount and they are sold directly. Here you can find our detailed review about



fees & exchange rates:

Countries: worldwide

Buying Verge via immediate transfer (SOFORT)

Buying Verge via immediate (SOFORT) money transfer is one of the most popular payment methods, besides credit card payment, in order to quickly and easily get Verge. Particularly European providers offer this payment method; internationally speaking, payment via credit card is more widespread. One of the biggest disadvantages of purchasing Verge via immediate transfer, similar to credit card payment, are the high transaction fees. Our recommendation is to buy Verge by immediate transfer (Sofortüberweisung), provided that no larger amounts are purchased and your Verge fund is immediately credited. However, if larger amounts are invested, we recommend using other payment methods, some of which, however, have longer transaction times, such the SEPA bank transfer.

advantages disadvantage

fast, easy, practical   

in most cases you get your first Verge faster than using normal bank transfer             

despite immediate bank transfer, some providers require verification of the account before Verge fund is credited

the purchase of Verge via immediate transfer charges higher fees compared to other payment methods

Verge © "" is a European crypto-currency exchange with more than 40 different crypto- currencies on offer. The advantage of is that it is not a trading center, but it keeps the crypto-currencies for the user in stock, i.e. up to a certain amount and they are sold directly. Here you can find our detailed review about



fees & exchange rates:


Step by step: trading Verge on Binance

Buying Bitcoin or Ethereum (optional)

In order to easily and quickly buy Bitcoin or Ethereum und to exchange these for Verge, we recommend the US provider Coinbase. Coinbase is a classic web wallet with an integrated possibility to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. For buying Verge on* (this is our review) you have to transfer Ethereum or Bitcoin beforehand.
In order to directly buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin via Coinbase, the first step requires a separate account on Coinbase. It can be created within a few minutes. After that a verification of the account must be processed, so that your own identity is confirmed. On Coinbase this works very easily and it is completed in just a few steps. Here is our detailed review on
With a new registration via our link, there is a bonus of Bitcoin worth 10 US dollar (about 8 euros). These will be credited to your account once you have purchased Ethereum or Bitcoin worth $100 on Coinbase. Simply create a new Coinbase account via the link, buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin worth $100 and the bonus will be credited.

Click here to receive $10 of Bitcoin with the Coinbase promo code*
After successful registration and verification, a payment method must be added. Two payment methods are available in Europe (Germany: first, direct payment by credit card or a standard SEPA bank transfer. Coinbase strongly recommends using SEPA bank transfer when purchasing larger amounts. The disadvantage of this method, however, is that in the first step money must be transferred by bank transfer to your Coinbase-US-Dollar or Euro-account, which can take one to two business days. If, however, payment by credit card is used, significantly higher fees are charged; in return you can immediately purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

Verge © ""

Step by step: complete report, from registration, verification to the purchase of Bitcoin or Ethereum at Coinbase.
Quick start guide: buying Bitcoin or Ethereum in less than 30 minutes

Step 1: create an account on Coinbase (about 3 minutes)
Step 2: verify Coinbase account (about 10 minutes)
Step 3: either add a credit card (about 5 minutes) or a bank account and deposit money on Coinbase (1-3 days)
Step 4: buy Bitcoin or Ethereum (3 minutes)

Trading Verge on Binance

Register on* (here's the review). Verification is not necessary as long as you only want to trade Verge for Bitcoin or Ethereum!

Binance © " screenshot"

Step 1:
The desired amount of Verge (XVG) must be available in the internal wallet on Binance and the value must be equivalent to Bitcoin, BNB, USDT or Ethereum. You can only exchange that amount for Verge which is available in this wallet.
If there is still no Bitcoin, BNB, USDT or Ethereum on the internal Binance account, they must first be deposited via the menu item "funds"> "deposits & withdrawals" or "funds"> "deposits & withdrawals". For example, the Bitcoin address is displayed here, where you can transfer Bitcoin via Coinbase or another Wallet. Normally the transfer takes 60 minutes depending on network usage. After that, Bitcoin should be available.
Step 2:
Go to "stock" > "basic" or "exchange" > "basic", search for "XVG" and then select the trading couple "XVG / BTC", "XVG / BNB", "XVG / ETH" or "XVG / USDT":

Verge © " "

Step 3:
In the field "buy XVG" or "buy XVG", enter the desired quantity under "amount" and click on "buy XVG" in the lower left corner.

Verge © ""

Buying Verge via PayPal

One of the most common questions is how you can buy Verge via PayPal. The big advantage of Verge purchase via Paypal is the high security level and transparency in the purchase process. In addition, purchase via PayPal on the Internet is an established payment method and very easy to use. Unfortunately, there is no provider that offers Verge purchase via PayPal.
However, there is a small detour, if you really want to buy Verge via Paypal: for this purpose, Bitcoins must be purchased first; they can then be exchanged for Verge on different exchanges.
Here we show you how it works:

First buy Bitcoin via Paypal on VirWox

VirWox buy Bitcoin Paypal © ""

Currently there is only one provider worldwide offering Bitcoin purchase via PayPal. With the Austrian supplier VirWox, Bitcoin can be bought via Klarna, paysafecard, OKPay, credit card, but also via PayPal. However, here you cannot purchase Bitcoin directly with US dollars or euros via PayPal, but you must paid with PayPal credit, with which you can then purchased so-called "SLL" coins ("Second Live Linden" coins. These SLL coins can be exchanged for Bitcoin in the second step. After purchasing SSL coins with Paypal, the exchange of SSL coins for Bitcoins, these can consequently be transferred to your own Bitcoin wallet.
Despite the possibility of payment via PayPal, we cannot recommend the Bitcoin purchase via VirWox. The transaction fees and the complicated procedure reduce all the advantages of the simple and secure payment method PayPal. For those of you who do not mind the high fees, we would like to give you a small guide for buying Bitcoin via PayPal:
Step 1: register on VirWox

The first step implies a free VirWox account. It is set up in just a few steps. The fields under "connection to Avatar (optional)" do not have to be completed, since they are only relevant if the money is transferred in the computer game "Second Life". For Bitcoin purchase via Paypal this information is not needed.

VirWox buy Bitcoin Paypal © ""

After registration, you will receive an e-mail that must be checked within 24 hours. The password for the first login will also be sent with this e-mail (the password is only valid for 24 hours). This password should be changed after your first login.


Step 2: deposit Euro via Paypal

In the second step you have to deposit euros on the VirWox account. There are several options available, among others: payment by immediate transfer (Sofortüberweisung), Paysafe Card, credit & debit card, Skrill or PayPal.

VirWox buy Bitcoin Paypal © ""

Depending on the payment method, the fees vary from a free deposit to the most expensive payment method, namely credit card (0.39 Euro + 3.5%). The fees for purchase via PayPal are similar: here you have to pay 0.35 € + 3.4%.
With PayPal express purchase, a maximum of 90 euros can be paid for the first purchase.

Verge © ""


Step 3: buying SSL-Coins and exchange them for Bitcoin

In the third step you cannot buy Bitcoin directly with your deposited euros. For this it is necessary to exchange euros for SSL-Coins (EUR/SLL). These can then be exchanged directly for Bitcoin (BTC / SLL).

VirWox buy Bitcoin Paypal © ""


Step 4: withdrawing Bitcoin
Under "payout" Bitcoin can be transferred to your own Bitcoin wallet afterwards. To exchange Bitcoin, there are several exchanges available, such as Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance and many more.
Step 5: exchange Bitcoin for Verge
In the final step, Bitcoin must be transferred to a crypto-currency exchange, such as Bittrex or Binance. Once Bitcoin have arrived, they can be exchanged for Verge.
Verge can be exchanged on the following exchanges:

Buying Verge at a bank?

"Is it possible to buy Verge at my bank?" This question is frequently asked by many Verge beginners. Unfortunately, the purchase of Verge is not possible at any "classic" bank. This is because the bank would not only have to offer trading of Verge, but also a Verge-Wallet (Verge account), on which the purchased Verge can be deposited. So far this has not been implemented by any bank yet. Thus, Verge cannot be bought directly through a bank, but the money must be transferred to a Verge exchange, Verge marketplace or to a Verge Broker.

  • German bank
  • DZ Bank
  • Commerzbank
  • Unicredit Bank
  • Postbank
  • Savings bank
  • Volksbank
  • ING-DiBa
  • Comdirect

Verge price and historical course: what is the current exchange rate of Verge (XVG)?

Before buying, Verge prices should be compared. Stock exchanges and brokers have their own Verge prices, so the comparison before purchasing Verge is definitely worth it. Thus, not only the exchange rate should be checked, but also the current Verge price on the respective stock exchange. We calculate the current Verge price by retrieving the prices of several major exchanges: here you can check the current Verge (XVG) price and rate.

Keep in mind: every stock exchange has its own price for Verge. It's always worth comparing before you buy!

Buying Verge at a reputable and secure stock exchange or broker

One of the most important features of an exchange or a broker when purchasing Verge should always be the reputation and seriousness of each provider. All exchanges and brokers listed on this site are considered serious ones and trustworthy. However, the market situation for the crypto-currency environment is changing from day to day. Therefore, we recommend checking the market before your first purchase. In addition, you should never stock too large amounts of currencies (euros, US dollars, Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies) at one single provider. In any case, after purchasing larger amounts of Verge, we recommend transferring Verge to a secure wallet, e.g. the Ledger Wallet*.
One of the most negative examples in Bitcoin's history is the demise of Mt. Gox crypto-currency exchange. Mt. Gox was still one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in August 2013, accounting for 60% of Bitcoin's global trading volume. In February 2014, the market went into insolvency after a hacker attack. Mt. Gox lost 750,000 Bitcoins of customer deposits and 100,000 Bitcoins of the company’s funds.


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Verge can be bought relatively easily A big advantage is that you do not have to buy another crypto-currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum first and only then you can exchange it for Verge - but does not offer the best price-performance ratio.



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